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Flatbed Screen Printing Unit series „PMF“

  • Vacuum inlet device, vacuum adjustable
  • Vacuum print table
  • Vacuum transport unit for material
  • Automatic Webguide system with edge sensor on both side for contactless guidance of the web material
  • Touch Panel-operation
  • Material feed and squeegee stroke length, separately electronically preselectable,
  • Print and flood bar run in direction of material flow
  • Stepless speed control
  • Multiple print (wet in wet) is preselectable
  • Skip-Print function
  • Electronic adjustable screen lift and screen off contact
  • Stable base frame with 4-column guided screen frame support
  • Screen frame support can be electrically raised by approx. 500 mm in cleaning position
  • Automatic pneumatic screen clamping
  • Electrical screen adjustment in X/Y axis
  • Squeegee contact pressure pneumatic, adjustable
  • Linear guided squeegee and floodbar
  • Squeegee angle adjustment, mechanical -approx. 30°
  • One-sided register hole punching unit, pneumatic (each in the 1st printing unit)
  • Register photocell for registerprinting (print-to-print) electrically adjustable in preferred direction

Standard Print width:    500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm and customized
Standard Print lengths:  500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm and customized

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1-color Screen printing line Serie “PMF”

  • Easy handling
  • Less requirement of operators
  • For min. web thickness of 15μ (please contact us also if your material is thinner)
  • Webtransport is realized with vacuum-transport-belts
  • Web transport without tension because of special loop systems between the machines
  • No contact between the web-surface and idle rollers (Flatbed-Screen-printing-Line)
  • Printing sizes from 330 x 250 mm to 1500 x 3000 mm (width x length) and more
  • Automatic web guide system
  • Pneumatic hole-punch-unit for registration holes; in connection with a photocell / print mark reader for realization of highest printing-accuracy
  • Alternatively with Hot-Air-and/or UV-and/or IR-Dryer
  • Hot-Air-Tower-Dryer can be delivered in different drying-lengths (4, 8, 12, 16, 20 m and more), the design allows a very small floor-space
  • Drying-temperature is adjustable, max. Temperature alternatively 80°C, 120 °C, 160 °C and higher
  • The Dryer can be delivered alternatively for electric-, gas- or hot-oil -connection
  • An UV-Dryer can be delivered as a „bridge“ for the integration on the Hot-Air-Dryer or asa stand-alone-unit
  • Rewind station can be equipped alternatively with a Slitter and/or a Cross-Cutting-Unit (sheeter)
  • KINZEL Printing Systems lines can be equipped with Die Cutters, Laminating Units, Testing Units (for electrical circuits) and special machines (specially designed for the production of our customers) at any time
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1-color Screen printing line Serie “PMF”

Equipment features:
Unwinding max. material width 1750 mm
Screen Printing Unit max. print size 1750 x 3800 mm (wxl) max. print speed approx. 600 meters/h
Vertical dryer with 32 meters drying length
Rewind station

Special Equipment
skip print modus for oversize prints (longer as the 3800 mm print table size)
wet-in-wet-print for multiple prints
2-CCD-Camera-Registrationsystem for highest print-to-print quality
LED-inspection wall
Fully automatic screen in feeding system

LED inspection wall, this double-sided illumination wall installed directly after the printing unit shows a complete printed image. The entire print can be recognized and marked for errors (color deviation, dirt, ink errors, etc.) at an early stage.

Fully automatic screen in feeding system installed on the rear side of the printing unit, the oversized screen is automatically fed into the screen frame holder and clamped in correct position. After the print process, the screen frame is pulled out of the screen holder and erected in readiness for removal / cleaning.

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2-color Screen printing lineSeries  “PMF”

  • Unwind station with double sided web cleaner
  • Register punch hole station for highest accuracy
  • (two) Flatbed Screen Print Head Series “PMF”including camera registration system
  • UV-Dryer Series “DUV”
  • Camera Inspection System Series "CIS” with4 line-cameras to scan 0.5 m² area, measure the printed line width as well as the height
  • Horizontal tunnel Dryer Series "TT”
  • Testing station Series "TU", to check circuit lines on resistance, break and short circuit included an inkjet marker for marking the bad circuits
  • Rewind station Series "ReVac"

The trend energy from not fossil fuels but among other things also from solar energy to win without emissions, is not to unstoppable any more. KINZEL Printing Systems GmbH offer a new manufacturing process for the reduction of the production costs for a competitive production in the photovoltaic industry.

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