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Control-Slitt-Cross Cutter

  • Unwind spindle with pneumatic tension, 76 mm Ø core
  • Control table (illuminated from backside)
  • Web centring device for material transport
  • Label and meter counter, useable optionally
  • Circular top and bottom cutter (optional blade holder) with fine adjustment
  • Extract device for waste material
  • 2 rewind spindles with pneumatic tension, 76mm Ø core
  • Winding speed adjustable
  • Automatic stop at end of web
  • Adjustable winding tension

Technical data:

Max. material width: 350, 500, 750 mm (further sizes on request)
Max. roll diameter, unwinding: 600 mm
max. roll diameter, rewinding: 380 mm (when rewinding on both spindles)
Winding speed: 5 -100 m/min
Length, approx: 2650 m/min
Width, approx: 1350 mm
Height, approx: 1450 mm
Electrical requirement: 4 kW 400 V, 3 Phasen +N 16A
Compressed air: 6 bar

Download data sheet

SLITTER „LS -spezial“

  • Unwinding spindle, pneumatically tensioned, 76 mm Ø core
  • Automatic stop at the end of the track
  • Aluminum guide rollers
  • automatic web center control for the lateral material guide
  • pneumatic crushing knives with mechanical adjustment and digital display
  • Safety cover in the knife area
  • Trim Extraction
  • 2 Rewinding spindles, pneum. Tensioned 76 mm Ø core
  • Adjustment for different spindle lengths
  • all spindle receptacles in safety sliding bearings
  • adjustable winding tension
  • Safety barrier in the take-up area

Technical data:

Web width max. 1300 mm
(further web widths on request)
Roll diameter 700 mm
Max. Web speed 300 m/min
electr. connection value: 400V 50Hz 3-phases + N
pneumatic connected load: 6 bar

Download data sheet
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